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Just Listen

Just Listen is one of the novels writen by Sarah Dessen. she is one of the New York Times Best-seller Authors. she is one of the most popular authors for young adults. Five of her books have been choosen as ALA Best Books for Young Adults and THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER was voted a YALSA Teen Ten Book. Sarah Dessen lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Just Listen is one of the interesting books I have ever read. The book is not all about romance or anything like that. It is about more about relationships within families. The book is about a girl named "Annabel" who is afraid from saying her problems out loud. Her friend "Owen" who becomes her boyfriend helps her to face her fears with her mother,sisters and her friends.

"Annabel" keeps how she feel to herself. she was raped by Will Cash. Will Cash is her best friend's boyfriend (Sophie).  Sophie ignores Annabel because she thinks that she liked her boyfriend. also Annabel loses her very first best friend (Clark).

Also, we learn that Annabel is a model and also her sisters are models (Kirsten  and Whitney). Whitney and Kirsten has their own conflicts that we learn about later in the book.

Also, Annabel wants to quite modaling but she thinks quiting will be a concern her mom since her mom enjoy to drive her to modeling meetings.

How is Annabel going to gather up the courage in the world to speak up and say what she really feel? How is she going to take revernage from Will Cash who raped her? How will Kirsten and Whitney will over come their conflicts? How will she tell her mother that she wants to quite modeling? How is she going to get back to her best friend?

well...as always am not going to give out the answers to these questions???????????

you have to read it yourself because its a total different experience when you are actually reading a book. its like a journey in another human's life. it might have happened to you or to anyone dear to you

the thing is i surprised when i finished the book because i never thought that i would learn so much about so many things that might happen to me or to my friends but i know if it happens to me i will know what to do.

if u didnt read this book yet....i highly recommend this book


school is over and i need to read something but at the same time it doesnt make me feel like  i am reading a text books. well heres a book i read right after i finished my exams "EVERYTING IS FINE". the book has different format than most of the books i read these days. i mean most of the books contain paragraphs but this book has small sentence and within each sentence there is a hint for whats happened in the Mazzy's life.

Mazzy is the main character in the novel. she is surrounded by her mother and her father and her little sister. we learn later that Mazzy's mother is depressed becuase her little daughter died when she was a year old (i think). her father leave her alone at home with the sich mother.

mazzy is one of those people whom she find it hard to make friends. she is isolated from people in her age becuase she spends her time with her mother.

the author of this book was Ann DEE Ellis.

what happened to her at the end of the book? does her mother become normal? does her father comes back home after a long trip? does she become more open and less isolated? well you have to read to see yourself what's going to happen Mazzy's life.


The Queen of Babble gets hatiched

I read the first and the second book. They were good and became NEW YORK BEST-SELLER. I am talking about the THE QUEEN OF BABBLE series. They were good in each and from every angle you could think of. The book was in my hands the whole time. So eager to know what will happen to the characters in the third and last book of the series.

As always Meg Cabot ( the author) keeps us floating in the air with her stories.  She did an amazing job to the book.

From this book there were so many lessons to learn such as the signs that reflects a healthy or un healthy  relationship  between couples.  

From my perspective, the first book was my favourite. the first book is always the best one. 

I think Lizzie is a good role modal because she is a girl who  could hardly find a job but at the end she finds the opporunity and she become one of the most succesful wedding gown designer in New York. 

At the end of the book, Chaz ( you have to read to find out who he is) asked her to marry him even though he doesn't believe in marriage he proposed to her. HOW CUTE IS THAT! 



The Baby Blues

The Baby Blues is one of the most interesting play I have ever read. It was written by Drew Hayden Taylor (a Canadian writer) in 1999. This play reflects native people's daily life. The play had strong characters which made me want to keep going and wanted to read more and more.

The play takes place in a reserve. It starts with the character "Jenny" who is a single mother and raising her child Pashik who is seventeen years old. Pashik wants to leave the reserve so she doesn't miss exploring other places. Jenny (the mother) thinks that she is too young to be left on her own in a big city.

At the same time this girl (Summer) who thinks that she have an aborgianal roots appears in the play. Summer is a university student who came to study the aborgianals's culture,values and stories. It shows how naive she is and how she is welling to do anything in order to learn more about the aborgianls.  

Drew Hayden Taylor approaches the audience with humour. The play is full of humour and "laugh out loud" system. Drew Hayden Taylor always reflects the problems of the reserve that haven't been solved yet. Humour is a common language that could reach anyone's heart and the brain at the same time.

Some of the problems that Drew Hayden Taylor had mentioned in The Baby Blues are teen pregnancies and alcoholism.

The Baby Blues helped me to understand more about the native people on Canada and  how they suffer everyday in order to survive.  

the lottery

i was assigned to read the lottery. a novel written by Beth Goobie. i was always feel bored when it comes to reading novel for my english class. there are always made so we students dont have to understand them. they would be novels that has nothing to do with out lives. but this novel  THE LOTTERY was made espically for students in high school. it was great choice. why? coz because it takes place in high school. it shows how high school could be very difficult to get through

sal who is the main character is choosen to be the "lottery winner". this Shadow Council draw all the students name and pick one to be their next victim. the victim or the lottery winner is  suppose to follow the orders of the shadow council. she is not allow to talk with permission (raising her hand) and she is not suppose to say no to anything they order her to do

just imagine your life if you would be buillied everyday in the school with a support.

as part of being of the year she is not allow to connect with any of her friends. so she cant turn for them for help. her brother dusty, who my the end of the novel who learn about him a huge secret, she doesnt want to tell him about her problems in school bec. he already worry too much about her. her mother is not too close to her. her mother is always working. we dont read about her in the novel.father?

but at the end of the story she changes how?:
is she going to face the shadow council memebers
is she going to face her own fears
will her brother move on with his life

more later,
bye now

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Ransom my heart

Bye bye Avalon high...hello Ransom my heart. ransom my heart is one of Meg Cabot's last books. the book is suppose to be written by Mia (one of Meg's fiction character in the princess series). the book resemble Mia's life in a way. the book was written in third person narration which is something we are not used to from Meg Cabot. i think the book was very tense and full of emotions and love.
the story was about a girl who have to ransom someone because her sister was pregnant and she wanted money to marry the man who got her pregnant. Finnula who is the main character ransom Hugo who she falls in love with. the way Meg describe their relationship was awesome.

I don’t want to get into details. I want to you to read it and tell me how was it?
Thank you Meg Cabot for writing great books.

Heaven volume 1

i just finish reading the volume number one of the manga heave. it was published february 2007. it is classisified as ROMANCE/COMEDY.and yes it is funny and very romantic. so the story goes from a girl who is very aggressive and uses this Harisen to slap bad peoples spirit. then she leaves the principal's office so the this guy runs after her. while she was walking she was going to get hit by a bus and then this guy comes and rescue her. but he "dies". so now you have to read to know what's going to happen next? was the boy really dead or did he came bacl to the life with huge consequnce.

from my prespective i found it very interesting. i even requested the next copy from the library. i cant wait to read volume 2. the sroty was good and the drawing was even better.


thanks to the author : Shizuru Seino

breaking dawn

so finally and sadly i finished the last part of Twilight saga. it had been great experience. i am not that into fantasy(well, except for harry potter) but twilight books made me fall in love with it without thinking. breaking dawn is the last part of the books. it is amazing. i have enjoyed every bit of it.

so here are some of the things that happen in the book

1-bella get married to :EDWARD or JACOB?

2-bella well get pregrant is the baby going to be a half-werewolf or a half-vampire?

3-voltori* will come attack the cullen family because of what? well you have to read teh book and know

4-the last chapter of the book is called "The happily ever after." yes, bella's life was like fairy tale and everyone wish to be like her

5- also in the last book you will discover Bella's talent. INCREDIBLE.

the bad news: there are no more books for the twilight saga

the good news: there are at least two more books from Edward percepective. and you can read the firs chapter from MIDNIGHT SUN on stephenie meyer.

oh yea i almost forgot to thank stephenie meyer for spending so much time writing this and the other books. this book was 754 pages so yea you get my point.

the best thing in the book well its not the best but still... the Egyptians vampire are involved.lol. that was funny

thats about it



i just finished eclipse yesterday after feeling the suspense and romance all combined all together to make me feel statisifed while i am reading. eclipse, one of Stephenie Meyer.it is the third book from TWILIGHT SAGA. i literally couldnt sleep because i was over-thinking of what is going to happen next? what is going to happen in BREAKING DAWN.infact i start reading it now. its cool. and soon i will be writing a blog about it . so back to eclipse. eclipse show us bella struggling between a dog and a bloodsucker that she cant imagine her life without both them. she always deny that she likes Jacob but at the end she face it and tell him that she likes him back. she also tells Edward. sure she feel ashame to tell him. she ask him to get mad at her but he doesnt (and he still call her my love). then at the end of the book she choose one of them. is it going to be Edward OR Jacob. well, you have to find out.

what i didnt like about the book is she like JAke so much, so doesnt mean that she is crazy about Edward. i mean i know Bella likes Jacob as a friend but because Edward left her he became more than that. also does BElla like Edward becasue he looks like an angel. and she never thought that she would date someone so beauitiful. is it true love or what? i know true love is when you love someone and feel the same way no matter ehat happened?

but overall it was a great book. i had so much fun reading it


Princess forever

meg cabot one of the best newyork sellers had finaly released her last book of great series princess diaries. the book was named PRINCESS FOVER maybe because it was the last book so it meant that she will be princess by name and my meaning forever Meg cabotu have the ability to choose names for her character that are simple to remeber. Mia who is the princess of Geviovia* had changed in the last book alot. for the beginning of the book we see that naive girl who looked very ugly and not that popular but when she knows that she is princess EVERYTHING change around her. people who used to bully her wanted to become freinds with her. she lost her true friends and her true lover. she is distracted by all these people around her. her mother get married to her teacher and then have rocky.

the worse thing is that to read PRINCESS FOREVER you must have read the nine 9 parts from before. i know it will feel like ever but whatever...lol        

from my opinion i think the last part was the best.. we see Mia actually getting mature hse still lies but realizing it is a bad habit. in the last part she graduates from high school, have a choice between J.P and Micheal, she have to choose a colllege to go to and she have a novel that need to be published. A girl with ambition and not giving up. it has a happy ending which i think many peole will like it. also the book is funny really funny.